The mission of Western Ada Recreation District is to provide and promote aquatics recreation in Western Ada County, with a special focus on water safety for all ages. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for swim lessons and recreation in a supervised, public pool setting.

Board of Directors

District Map


Western Ada Recreation District is guided by a 3 member Board of Directors.  Currently sitting Directors are:

Tyler Rountree - Sub-District #1 - term expires 12/31/2021

Colin Moss - Sub-District #2 - term expires 12/31/2021

Shaun Wardle - Sub-District #3 - term expires 12/31/2022

Western Ada Recreation District was formed in 1971 to build and manage the Community Pool adjacent to Storey Park in Meridian, Idaho. The building and original pool were renovated in 2016.

The Community Pool provides reasonably priced swim lessons and swimming opportunities for 12 weeks each summer. Approximately 700 children participated in swimming lessons per week in the summer of 2019. Additionally, the pool hosts several of the areas swim teams, private parties and events. 

The District focus is to promote aquatics and water safety in Western Ada County.


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