Western Ada Recreation District

Meridian Community Pool (for additional information, see our pool page at the link above)

Open Swim - 3 yrs. & under                                      $2.00 per person (swim diapers are required for children that are not potty trained

                                                                                                      and are available for purchase at our concessions counter)

Open Swim - 17 yrs. & under                                     $3.00 per person

Open Swim - over 18 yrs.                                            $4.00 per person

Lap Swim                                                                       $4.00 per person per hour

Season Pass Single Child - 17 yrs & under             $60.00 each

Season Pass Single Adult - 18 yrs. & over              $70.00 each

Season Pass Family                                                     $160.00 for family of 4

Season Pass Family  - add people                            $20.00 for each additional person

Private Pool Parties - less than 50 people**         $150.00

Private Pool Parties - 50-100 people                      $200.00

Private Pool Parties - 100+ people                           $300.00 (maximum of 185 people)

Group Swim Lessons                                                   $45.00 per session

Private Swim Lessons                                                 $100.00 per session

Lifeguard Training Course                                          $135.00 per session, first time certification

Lifeguard Training Course                                          $95.00 per session, recertification

Party/Meeting Room                                                  $50.00 per hour for up to 25 persons in each of the two rooms

** Parties of up to 50 may also reserve the upstairs room(s) for an additional hourly fee. Due to fire codes, parties must be limited to  25 persons per room

Please note that prices are subject to change as necessary, and we will endeavor to post updates to pricing as soon as possible.

Schedule of Fees